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Research of the significance of special staining of FRD in the detection of cervical lesions

Abstract: Objective Cervical cancer and precancerous lesions are common female reproductive system diseases. Early diagnosis and prevention is the effective measures for control of cervical lesions progress. This study was designed to explore the significance of cervical special staining of folate receptor mediated FRD in the detection of cervical lesions. Methods  2743 cases of women for a gynecological examination were selected from January 2013 to December 2013. Cervical special staining of FRD and based thin-layer cell line (TCT) were used for detection. Pathology from vaginoscopy as the gold standard, compare the two detection methods. Results  Pathological CIN2+ of pathology as positive standard, the sensitivity and specificity of cervical special staining was 80.6%,  72.7%, respectively. The positive and negative predictive value of cervical special staining was 76.3%,77.4%. The sensitivity and specificity of cytology was 83.3%, 42.4%, respectively. The positive and negative predictive value of cytology sensitivity was 61.2%, 70%, respectively. Conclusion  As a accurate, convenient, fast, economic detection method, special staining method has importantsignificance for cervical precancerous lesions, which can be a clinica levaluation standard.

Key words:FRD; cervical lesions; sensitivity; cytology; specificity

Published in For All Health, 2015, (3)