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Application value of folate receptor-mediated tumor diagnosis with TCT/HPV in diagnosis of early cervical lesions

CHEN Kai-ying

(Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,People’s Hospital of Qinzhou, Zhejiang Ningbo 315040, China)

[Abstract]  Objective To investigate the application value of folate receptor-mediated tumor diagnosis (FRD) alone and that of it combined with TCT/HPV in diagnosis of early cervical lesions.  Methods  From August 2012 to September 2013 totally 2000 cases in out patient clinic of People’s Hospital of Qinzhou were collected. FRD was done at cervical mouth and cervical canal. TCT and HPV DNA testing were performed at same time. Colposcopy examination was carried out at any abnormality. Biopsy was taken at cervical mouth according to colposcope evaluation if cervical mouth was unusual. Statistical analysis of FRD, coincidence of TCT and HPV detection with colposcopy examination, sensitivity and specificity were conducted. Results  The concordance rate of positive rate of FRD with positive histopathologic results and with the severity of cervical lesion was 47.5% and 14.9%, respectively, and the sensitivity and specificity was 81.4% and 81.6%, respectively. Positive rate of TCT test was 61.8%, and the concordance rate with testing results of conventional colposcopy examination and severe cervical lesion was 65.7% and 78.7%, respectively. Its sensitivity and specificity was 71.1% and 79.1%, respectively. Positive rate of HPV testing was 84.3%, and the concordance rate with positive rate of colposcopy results was 39.8%. The sensitivity and specificity of HPV testing was 89.8% and 36.7%, respectively. Both the specificity and sensitivity of combined examination (FRD comined with TCT/HPV) were higher than those of other groups (χ2 value was 4.56, 11.77, 6.09, 5.54, 3.23 and 9.07, respectively, all P<0.05).  Conclusion  FRD is slightly better than TCT detection, but the combination of them is better than any of then alone.

[Key words] folate receptor-mediated tumor diagnosis (FRD); thin-cytologic test (TCT); human papilloma virus (HPV); early cervical lesions; clinical value

Published in Chinese Journal of Woman and Child Health Research, 2014(5)