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Role of application of special staining technique in diagnosis of cervical diseases

CHEN Xin, QIAN Zhihong, Xu Zhenzhen.

Department of Obsterics and Gynecology, Second Affiliated Hospital, Soochow University, Suzhou 215004, CHINA

AbstractObjective  To investigate the value of the specific staining technique in the diagnosis of cervix diseases. Methods The specific staining technique and three-step diagnosis procedures were used for screening cervical lesions in 700 patients (432 out-patients and 268 in-patients).The results reported by two techniques were compared. Results The results reported by the specific staining technique were 354 cases (50.57%) with out cervix leision, 235cases (33.57%) with CIN1 and condyloma acuminate, and 80 cases (11.43%) with CIN2 and CIN3,which were similar to 366 cases (52.29%), 43 cases (34.71%) and 77cases (11.00%), respectively, reported by the three-step diagnosis procedures(P>0.05). Conclusion The diagnosis reates for cervical lesions reported by the specific staining technique and three-step procedures are similar, but the former is simple in making diagnosis, quicker in getting report, cheaper in cost ,and higher accuracy rate of making malignant cervical lesions. The specific staining technique may be taken as a method for the screen of cervical cancer.

Key words】Specific staining technique for the cervix; Cervix leisions

Published in Jiangsu Medical Journal,2014 40(4)