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Clinical significance of FRD in epithelial tissue special staining solution in the examination of cervical lesions

ZHANG Zhao-hong1, HUANG Wei1, XUE Xiao-ling1, WANG Lan-ni2, SUN Xiao-li2

 (1.Department of Gynaecology, Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shaanxi, Baoji 721000, China; 2.Department of Pathology, Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shaanxi, Baoji 721000, China)

AbstractObjective To explore the use of cervical special staining of folate receptor mediated FRD clinical value of epithelial tissue special staining solution to inspect the cervical lesion, provide the method reference for the early detection of cervical lesions.

Method From January 2014 to April 2014 jointed national hospital for a gynecological examination randomly 2000 cases of women screening, detection liquid based thin-layer cell line (TCT), human papilloma virus (HPV), FRD staining, theparts in pathology as the gold standard. Please check the histopathology as the gold standard, the diagnosis was the detection method of the evaluation standard.

Result FRD detected 130 cases of patients with positive, positive rate was 6.5%; the sensitivity was 83.06%, specificity was 98.56%, the misdiagnosis rate was 16.94%, the misdiagnosis rate was 1.44%, Kappa=0.821, P=0.000. There were 125 cases of TCT positive patients, the positive rate was 6.255%; the sensitivity was 86.29%, specificity was 99.04%, the misdiagnosis rate was 13.71%, the misdiagnosis rate was 0.96%, Kappa=0.850, P=0.000. There were 120 cases of HPV positive patients, the positive rate was 6%; the sensitivity was 79.84%, specificity was 98.88%, the misdiagnosis rate was 20.16%, the misdiagnosis rate was 1.12%, Kappa=0.806, P=0.000. Three methods of inspection detection rate from high to low were FDR, TCT6, HPV, but the positive rate was not significantly difference (χ2=0.427, P=0.808).

Conclusion TCT>FRD>HPV consistency of three methods but the detection rate has no significant difference, with the traditional TCT, HPV checks the same detection efficiency of the FRD detection method, but its characteristics with more convenient, fast, economy, worth as a rapid screening method for application.

Key words】 FRD; Epithelial tissue; Cervical lesions

Published in Chinese Journal of the Frontiers of Medical Science (Electronic Version), 2014(9)