FRD™ Colorimeter

The FRD™ Colorimeter is intended for in vitro diagnosis and is applicable to automatic color scanning of samples. In clinical practice, this product is mainly used for sample processing and data management before and after analysis.

Sample Processing Procedure: 

  1. Place the applicator with samples into the packaging box, push the box from the sample inlet into the sample slot of the device, ensure that the baseline of plastic box is aligned with the side panel of device;
  2. Click the “Start Using” button on main interface to enter the sample information registration interface;
  3. Enter the sample name and number, check the sites for sample processing and scanning  and select appropriate processing method ;
  4. After entering the information and validating no-error, click the “Scan” button, so that scanning processing may begin;
  5. After completion of scanning, the device will automatically store the data of data processing and data scanning. After the completion of data storage, enter the result printing interface;
  6. If it is necessary to print the scanning results, please press the “Print” key. After completion of printing, the device will automatically return to the test interface.