FRD™ Staining Solution


The Folate Receptor-Mediated Staining Solution (FRDTM ) is designed for rapid visualization of the cervical neoplastic epithelia to early detect abnormal lesions (CIN2 or greater). Detection results are ready within 60 seconds after applying the FRDTM staining solution to the entire cervix.


Features of the FRD™

High Sensitivity

A recent Meta-analysis has revealed that the FRDTM has 85% sensitivity for detection of lesions (CIN2 or greater ).

Rapid Visualization of Detection Results

Test results are determined immediately (within 30-60 sec) after staining of the entire cervical epithelium.

Complete Coverage of Entire Cervix

The FRDTM is capable of detecting abnormal lesions of both squamous and column epithelia.

Localization of Abnormal Cervical Lesions

By aligning clockwise the labels on the epithelium staining applicator to the ecto-cervix, the FRDTM has the ability to identify the corresponding cervical location for the “abnormal lesions” detected on the applicator.




The Folate Receptor-mediated Detection (FRDTM )  Staining Solution has been certified by the European Scientific Community, with certificate number 16806974.001. 



Please consult your local representative for availability.