Epithelium Staining Applicator

The Epithelium Staining Applicator is used to collect exfoliated cervical epithelial cells.


The structure of Epithelium Staining Applicator is presented below.

Application Method:

The user can use the Epithelium Staining Applicator to collect exfoliated cervical cells from the ectocervix and cervical canal, which includes the transformation zone.

Instructions for Use:

Start by placing the patient in the lithotomy position.

Expose the cervix with the aid of a speculum.

Use a dry gauze or cotton swab to clean the cervix of any secretion or exudate.

Remove the applicator from its packaging.

Align the red marked support bar on the applicator with the 12 o'clock position of the ectocervix.

Insert the applicator until it is covering the entire ectocervix.

Press against the ectocervix for 10 seconds ensuring complete contact.

Next, push the plunger labeled with the letters “FRD”, enabling the tapered tip of the applicator to enter the cervical canal.

Press the applicator against the cervix for 10 seconds.

Finally, rotate the plunger to the right, locking the tapered tip in place.

Press the applicator against the cervix for 5 more seconds.

Carefully remove the applicator.



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