FRD™, Folate Receptor-mediated Detection staining solution

Product Specifications: 120 tests/container, or 1 test/bottle (packaged as 24 bottles/box)

Structure and Composition

The Folate Receptor-mediated Detection (FRD™) staining solution is mainly composed of folic acid, reduced methylene blue, acetic acid, ascorbic acid, and dimethyl sulfoxide.

Intended Use

The Folate Receptor-mediated Detection staining solution enables rapid in vitro chemical staining of cervical exfoliated cells to detect folate receptor overexpression. In the clinical practice, FRD™ can be used as a primary screening tool for precancerous and cancerous lesions, in triage for women with ASCUS cytology, and as a co-test for women with an HPV-positive test result.

Mechanism of Action

1. Folic acid-reduced methylene blue (MB) conjugate binds to the folate receptors expressed on the cervical epithelium membrane and then endocytosis occurs.
2. The acidic micro-environment in the endosome causes dissociation between the folic acid and reduced MB from the folate receptors.
3. Reduced MB is released into the cytoplasm, where the oxidation-reduction reaction occurs and reduced MB becomes oxidized.
4. The folate receptors recycle back to the cell membrane.
5. Oxidized MB exits from the cell and can be detected, providing visual result.

Warnings and Precautions

1. The FRD™ staining solution must be used within 10 minutes after exposure to air. Do not use the FRD™ solution if its color has changed to green or bluish-green.
2. The FRD™ staining solution is for single use only.
3. If the FRD™ staining solution appears to be crystalized, please reseal the bottle, and let it sit in room temperature until it melts back into liquid form.

Storage Conditions

FRD™ should be stored in a dark environment at ≤86(30).

Expiration Date

The results of the shelf-life test confirmed that the FRD™ is valid for 2 years. The FRD™ can be ensured to work effectively for at least 2 years from the time of bottling date. The expiration date is considered any time after the 2 years of the bottling date indicated in every package.

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