Colorimeter II

Size: 16.5 x 10.59 x 9.84 inch or 41.9 × 26.9 × 25.0 cm
Net weight : 6kg
Equipment power : 108W

Structure and Composition

This product is mainly composed of an optical module (including camera), a staining module, an automatic sample transmission set, a control module, a display module, a data processing module, a serial scanning module, an SD data storage module, and a printing module.

Intended Use

The Colorimeter II is intended for in vitro diagnosis. The device capabilities include: sample transmission, sample rotation, automatic sample staining, interpretation, classification, color scanning and data management. The device includes a pre-analysis reagent filling function. In clinical practice, the product is mainly for chemical staining, color scanning, and image analysis of samples taken from human natural orifices (e.g.: exfoliated cells, microorganisms, pathogens).

Instructions for Use

1. Place the sample into the Colorimeter II sample chamber.
2. The Colorimeter II chemically stains the samples.
3. The Colorimeter II photographs and scans the chemically stained sample.
4. The Colorimeter II analyzes the image and assists in the diagnosis of exfoliated cells, microorganisms and pathogens.
5. Analyzed results can either be printed from the built-in thermal printer or transfer to an external device by connecting an Ethernet cable or wirelessly for device without internet connection.

Operating Principle

The functional diagram of this device is as follows :
The operational information is input through the operational interface. The control system receives the operational information, controls the collection unit to collect the sample, and processes the sample information. Lastly, it stores the sample data and the scanning results with the filing system.
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